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Catapult Attacks on the R1

by Richard Johnson on 23 April, 2021

Whilst shocking as it is, the catapult attacks on the R1 will come as no surprise to residents of Bemerton Heath. This is just the latest in a series of attacks that have been ongoing for many years.

In recent weeks my neighbours have had doors damaged and windows broken. Not so long ago, several newly built properties at St Peter’s Place had all their windows smashed. I myself have had my car damaged.

It’s clear to residents that these attacks happen most frequently during school holidays. The pandemic has significantly affected opportunities for young people, but we should recognise that years of Conservative cuts to Wiltshire Council’s youth services have eroded our ability to deal with issues before they escalate.

It’s commonplace to see Ring cameras on front doors now, so the police could also be doing more to canvass the neighbourhood and investigate these events when they happen. The evidence is there, and the community is willing to help.

What’s needed is investment in youth services to prevent these issues in the first place, backed up with the proper police resources to properly investigate these offences when they do occur.

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